Travel Demand Modeling

Travel demand modeling is a powerful tool that evaluates the relationship between transportation demand and supply by time (daily, peak period, and peak hour), by geographic area (state, region, county, and project-specific level), and by mode (passenger, freight, and transit). It can be effectively used to inform and optimize transportation investment decisions and to support a variety of transportation planning analyses and studies.

Modern Mobility Partners brings extensive local and national experience in the development and validation of travel demand models at various levels through our work with state and county transportation agencies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and regional transportation and transit authorities. We are committed to providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions to meet modeling challenges, and can assist clients in identifying optimal, practical forecasting and data analysis approaches based on the needs of each project.

Furthermore, we recognize that technology is out-pacing traditional traffic forecasting methods, and that shorter-term forecasting tools, which can reflect key drivers for travel behavior change, should be considered to supplement capacity analyses.

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