Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
  • Georgia 2050 Statewide Transit Plan
  • Georgia 2050 Statewide Transportation Plan
  • I-285 Westside Express Lanes GEC
  • I-85 Corridor Study from I-285 to I-985


Georgia Statewide Transit Plan (SWTRP)

As a subconsultant, MMP is assisting with the development of GDOT’s first comprehensive Statewide Transit Plan (SWTRP).  The SWTRP will include a high-level overview of the urban and rural transit programs in the State and an assessment of future investment needs. The SWTRP will involve the implementation of an extensive public outreach and stakeholder engagement plan, assessment of the economic impact of transit services funded through FTA’s 5311 program and managed by GDOT, existing conditions and future trends analysis, and an evaluation of regional consolidation of transit services.  MMP will be leading the travel demand analysis, project prioritization, and funding.  MMP will support identifying future travel and transit patterns and opportunities within MPO areas and at the state level, as well as forecasting the future needs for intercity rail and bus services that connects rural and urban areas with employment, education, healthcare, and activity centers.  MMP will provide input on strategies and recommendations based on emerging technologies.  MMP will lead prioritization and funding by developing a project/strategy prioritization framework to rank and prioritize projects or strategies between urban areas or major regional projects, or strategy types that may not be location-specific.  The purpose is to provide an understanding to urban and rural areas which types of projects or strategies are more beneficial. A funding strategy will also be developed for projects or strategies that are considered as part of the recommendations.

Client: GDOT Intermodal Division
MMP Role: Subconsultant
Period of Performance: February – December 2019

Georgia 2050 Statewide Transportation Plan (SWTP) / 2020 Statewide Strategic Plan (SSTP)

As a subconsultant, MMP is leading data collection and management for the consultant team as well as in coordination with multiple GDOT offices, including development of a comprehensive data needs list; comprehensive Data Inventory Report; directory structure and file naming convention system; and data dictionary to catalog and communicate the structure and content of data and to document versions of the data, including modeling files and key changes for each version update.  MMP is also supporting the development of the plan methodology; existing conditions, trends and needs assessment; alternate futures development and analysis; evaluation of needs and deficiencies; recommendations; and stakeholder engagement.  Lastly, MMP is conducting an independent QA/QC of all travel demand modeling results, as well as lead the development of the technical memorandum documenting the differences in the Georgia Statewide Travel Demand Model (GSTDM) since the last SWTP/SSTP that are expected to impact the model results.

Client: Georgia Department of Transportation, Division of Planning
MMP Role: Subconsultant
Period of Performance: December 2018 – October 2020

Comprehensive Corridor Study along I-85 from I-285 to I-985 Services

This high-profile comprehensive corridor study along I-85 from I-285 north to I-985 in the Atlanta region will include the evaluation and recommendation of a comprehensive list of short- and long-term strategies to alleviate congestion.  As a subconsultant, MMP is leading all travel demand modeling and traffic and revenue analyses, as well as supporting all transportation planning tasks.  The purpose of the first task order is to outline the roles, responsibilities, and communication with and amongst the Project Management Team (PMT) through development of a Project Management Plan (PMP); develop a plan for stakeholder engagement; identify data needs and compiling and collecting data; and develop evaluation methodology.  MMP is supporting the data needs and evaluation methodology subtasks.  As part of the data needs evaluation, MMP is collecting previous applicable studies and models and brainstorming other data needs and sources. A Data Needs Technical Memo will be developed to discuss existing data and define additional data required.  .  As part of the development of the evaluation methodology, MMP will support the development of a process and methodology to evaluate potential actions and arrive at a preferred set of policies, programs and/or projects.

Client: Georgia Department of Transportation, Division of Planning
MMP Role: Subconsultant
Period of Performance: December 2018 – September 2023 (Master Contract)

Owner’s Representative General Engineering Services (GEC) for I-285 from I-75 to I-20 (Westside) Express Lanes

The I-285 Westside Express Lane project is apart of the larger Georgia Express Lanes system, which will add one new buffer separated express lane in each direction on I-285 between I-20 and I-75 along the I-285 mainline to provide mobility options. As a subconsultant to the I-285 Westside Express GEC, MMP is leading the travel demand modeling and supporting traffic activities to prepare the development of the forecasted traffic volumes for express lane (EL) and general purpose (GP) lanes along the I-285 Westside corridor for both opening and design year. MMP will validate the 2015 travel demand model at the corridor level, prepare travel demand model validation memorandum with findings and mitigation strategies, and develop future year No-Build and Build models to estimate growth rates and diversion rates for the I-285 Westside express lane corridor for both opening and design year. MMP will also conduct high level analysis of “what-if” scenarios to evaluate potential express lane access points during schematic development and analyze alignment alternatives to assess the traffic and revenue impacts.

Client: Georgia Department of Transportation, Office of Innovative Delivery
MMP Role: Subconsultant
Period of Performance: January – May 2019