Project Description

GDOT Intermodal Division, Statewide Transit Plan (SWTRP), February 2019 – December 2019.

As part of a team, Modern Mobility Partners is assisting with the development of GDOT’s first comprehensive Statewide Transit Plan (SWTRP).  The SWTRP will include a high-level overview of the urban and rural transit programs in the State and an assessment of future investment needs. The SWTRP will involve the implementation of an extensive public outreach and stakeholder engagement plan, assessment of the economic impact of transit services funded through FTA’s 5311 programs and managed by GDOT, existing conditions and future trends analysis, and an evaluation of regional consolidation of transit services.

Specifically, Modern Mobility Partners will be:

  • Utilizing the statewide travel demand model and MPO models to support the identification of future travel and transit patterns and opportunities within MPO areas and at the state level;
  • Forecasting the future needs for intercity rail and bus services that connect rural and urban areas with employment, education, healthcare, and activity centers;
  • Developing a literature scan of best practices in transit performance metrics;
  • Providing input on strategies and recommendations based on emerging technologies, including but not limited to transit signal priority, pedestrian and bus warning systems, digital wayfinding with trip planning, Mobility as a Service, human services transit alternatives, etc.;
  • Leading prioritization and funding by developing a project/strategy prioritization framework to rank and prioritize projects or strategies between urban areas or major regional projects, or strategy types that may not be location-specific. The purpose is to provide an understanding of urban and rural areas which types of projects or strategies are more beneficial; and
  • Develop a funding strategy will also be developed for projects or strategies that are considered as part of the recommendations.

Georgia 2050 Statewide Transit Plan