Project Description

GDOT Division of Planning, Georgia 2050 Statewide Transportation Plan (SWTP) / 2020 Statewide Strategic Plan (SSTP), December 2018 – October 2020.

The statewide transportation plan will provide an inventory of all modes across the state, determine needs, and evaluate multiple investment strategies, including a trade-offs analysis.  Ultimately, the statewide transportation plan and statewide strategic plan will recommend how much money GDOT should invest in each component of their work program.

As part of a team, Modern Mobility Partners is or has:

  • Led the development of the technical memorandum documenting the differences in the Georgia Statewide Travel Demand Model (GSTDM) since the last SWTP/SSTP that are expected to impact the model results;
  • Conducting an independent QA/QC of all travel demand modeling results, as well as support travel demand modeling as needed;
  • Leading data collection and management for the consultant team as well as in coordination with multiple GDOT offices, including development of a comprehensive data needs list; comprehensive Data Inventory Report; directory structure and file naming convention system; and data dictionary to catalog and communicate the structure and content of data and to document versions of the data, including modeling files and key changes for each version update;
  • Supporting the development of the planning methodology; existing conditions, trends and needs assessment; alternate futures development and analysis; evaluation of needs and deficiencies; recommendations; and stakeholder engagement;
  • Leading the bicycle and pedestrian modal profile for the state; and

As part of the analysis of the alternate future, Modern Mobility Partners will assist the team in evaluating the potential high-level impacts of reduced gas tax revenues due to increases in electric vehicles, including connected and autonomous vehicles.

Georgia 2050 Statewide Transportation Plan