Project Description

Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (CIDs), Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) Loan Implications Analysis, July – September 2018.

As the prime consultant, Modern Mobility Partners conducted an analysis to determine if it would be cost-effective to get a Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) loan to fund all or a portion of the Camp Creek Parkway and/or Virginia Avenue corridor enhancements.  Specifically, Modern Mobility Partners:

  • Reviewed the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority’s (SRTA) updated GTIB loan terms as of 2018;
  • Calculated project cost savings due to advancing construction and economies of scale when constructing adjacent segments at one time; and
  • Calculated loan costs (interest) based on 5- and 10-year loan terms and determined if there were any cash flow implications.

The final recommendations were to proceed with a 5-year GTIB loan for all three segments of Camp Creek Parkway, which will allow the AACIDs to complete construction of all three segments by the end of 2026, approximately 6 years ahead of the CIP schedule.


GTIB Loan Implications Analysis