Project Description

National Academy of Sciences (NAS)National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 08-124: Quantifying the Impacts of Corridor Management, June 2019 – September 2021.

The objective of this research is:

  • Produce a framework for measuring the impacts of corridor management, demonstrating applicable strategies and techniques; and
  • To develop guidelines for how to implement that framework.

This framework will focus on multi-jurisdictional corridor-wide transportation and land use planning that affects the community and economic vitality. It will reflect a desire to maximize public value by implementing programs for effective infrastructure improvements and investments at a corridor level. In addition, it will provide guidance for state DOTs, regional, and local transportation and land use planning agencies, working together with both public and private stakeholders, to coordinate development planning and infrastructure investment in multi-modal passenger and freight transportation networks.

As part of a team, MMP is leading research and guidebook development efforts related to innovative mobility strategies.  This will include a critical review of existing data and performance measurement methods, the establishment of a next-generation corridor framework (i.e. recipe book for innovative mobility), pilot testing, and a guidebook for transportation and land use agencies to use across the country.  Innovative, emerging, and modern mobility strategies will be tailored for all users, including shared mobility, such as scooters, bike sharing, ride sharing, etc., as well as those using transit, private vehicles, and freight.

Quantifying the Impacts of Corridor Management