Transportation PlanningTransportation planning serves a fundamental role in a state’s and region’s vision for the future.  Through Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs), Comprehensive Transportation Plans (CTPs), and corridor studies, the transportation planning process establishes goals and objectives and identifies, evaluates, and prioritizes future transportation projects and alternatives to be funded and implemented.  Currently, very few (if any) LRTPs, CTPs and corridor studies have adequately planned for the advent of autonomous vehicles in the U.S.

With changes in technology, increasing mobility options, aging population needs, and changing travel and destination choice behavior—for example, millennials’ desire to live and work near transit options— new, modern, and comprehensive approaches to LRTPs, CTPs, corridor studies, and feasibility studies are required.  After all, we are planning for the mobility of people and goods, and the way they get from point A to point B is evolving. Illustrated here are some planning considerations for now and for the future.

Over the years, our co-founders have worked on over 50 LRTPs, CTPs, corridor studies, and feasibility studies.  We also understand that a variety of paradigm shifts could result in alternative future scenarios. In order to provide effective and equitable mobility options no matter the scenario, our team considers multiple scenarios in planning exercises.

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